Exploring the realm of atolls

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The team of Cross Asia Travel welcomes you to the Maldives. We invite you to unforgettable holidays in the Land of a Thousand Islands.

The Maldives are for many the dream of a tropical vacation. Many small islands surrounded by turquoise water, white beach and palm trees. In addition, a fantastic underwater world that you can already see while snorkeling. The temperatures are consistent throughout the year with around 30 degrees and the water temperature is only slightly lower. About 1,200 islands, of which approximately 200 are inhabited and 90 are currently being used as tourist resorts, form the Maldives. The land area is only 298 square kilometers, the water surface, however, 107 500 square kilometers. Mountains or rivers are nowhere in the Maldives, the islands are only a few meters above sea level. The islands are rarely more than a few hundred meters in diameter. Each orbit is so often created in much less than an hour.  A few islands have a length of just over one kilometer. You can get a nice impression of the Maldives when approaching the Male International Airport on the island Hulule. Looking out of the plane, many of the islands in the North Male atoll come into view. The diverse and fascinating underwater world of Maldives is probably one of many, if not even the reason for travelers to spend their vacation in this realm of islands. Especially the complex variety of coral reefs and their inhabitants are certainly one of the finest and most remarkable creations in the sea. Who do not want to scuba dive but snorkel can learn much from the indescribable magic of the underwater world here in the Maldives. Almost unimaginable colors and stunning patterns and shapes will draw everyone who immerses in this world for the first time.

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We offer snorkel cruises with island hopping, scuba diving and  surfing safaris to the best spots of the archipelago. 


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